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Why choose Us

Open Day & Night
7 Days a Week

Immediate Service
Our Doctors endeavor to take your video call immediately

Licensed Doctors
Registered, fully qualified, and experienced specialists Doctors

Safe & Secure
We use 256 bit SSL Certificates, which includes digital certificate authentication and 256 bit data encryption

Electronic & Online
No more paper with all medical documents made available in the Inbox of your application

5 Star Rating
Rate the service of your Doctor immediately after your consult out of 5 stars

How Telehealth/Teledentistry Benefits You

Save travel Time
No need to waste time travelling to the Doctor for something that can be simply diagnosed and treated online

Avoid Getting Risk
Clinics, medical centres and hospitals are typically where known pathogens and germs can spread. By having an online consultation, you are avoiding the possibility of this transmission.

By having a consultation from the privacy of your home or your preferred location, you can feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics

Rest Longer
Doctors often advise use to rest in bed, and that’s where you can now see the doctor from. By not needing to travel and spend hours on the go, you’re likely to recover a lot quicker.

Being a technology platform, we aim to have day-round coverage of providers available to consult with you at a suitable time, as soon as possible

For the Whole family
Old or young, anyone can use our platform to access healthcare – anytime, anywhere. Parents are able to book a consultation on behalf of their children or elderly.

About our doctors

Sri Lankan Registered and Accredited

Healthcare & Support Providers on our platform are registered & accredited in Sri Lanka
Internationally trained

All the doctors in our flatform are internationally trained specialists doctors
Highly Experienced

Doctors on our platform are highly experienced in their profession – with some providers having up to 30 years of experience
Genuinely Care

Doctors on our platform are known to have a friendly and caring nature. We hand-select our providers with the same mission in mind.
Speak Your Language

Providers Doctor's on our platform speak various languages – making it easier if English is a second language for you or anyone in your family.

Who can use ”Smart Care Dental”

Anyone in Sri Lanka

Smart care Dental built to make healthcare providers (doctors, specialists, allied health professionals & GPS’s) easily accessible and affordable for Sri Lankans who don’t have the time to travel to a Dental doctor/Dentist , wait for hours and then travel to the pharmacy, for something they could’ve easily done in a few minutes from their phones at home or the office.

Smart care dental also makes it easy for any Sri Lankan who:

Anyone Aged 18+- Parents and carers can create an account on behalf of minors, elderly or those unable to use our platform.

Housebound Flexibility to use the platform from any location where there is internet connection – at home, the office or elsewhere.

Time-poor & Busy--Life can be busy – and sometimes scheduling out the time to visit a provider can be difficult.

Remote Areas-Those that live outside of metro cities know the difficulty of accessing healthcare when needed.


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