Improving Every Sri Lankan’s Health through compassionate care and innovation. 

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We believe that every Sri Lankans should have instant and affordable access to a board-certified specialist doctors and General Doctors (Medical& Dental) whenever and wherever needed. This belief is what unifies all of us at Smart Care Dental. The lack of easy access to affordable healthcare is a large and growing problem, making our mission that much more important We can connect anyone to high-quality physicians, saving valuable time and money. 

Focusing the oral Health as priority in overall health. We are focusing on what matters most to the patient — convenient, quality health care. Smart Care Dental is a Telehealth/ Teledentistry solution and we proudly introducing to Sri Lankan health care now. Our founder Dr Ranjan Mallawaarachi who was initiated the Smart Care Dental Digital Technology platform, and is enabling greater continuity of care In Sri Lankan oral Health. Smart Care Dental bridging the gap between specialist Practice and General Practice by providing 24/7 on-demand access to qualified Sri Lankan specialists Dental doctors & General Dental Doctors for prescription medications when and where is needed most. 

We recognize telehealth is not appropriate for the management of all health care problems, and in many cases, face-to-face consultations Will still be needed. Many patients must continue to receive high-quality Dental/ OraI care and advice they expect and deserve from their health care providers We cannot risk a reduction In the standard of Health care provided to the people of Sri Lanka.

 Smart Care Dental  

Smart care dental is a Telehealth/teledentistry    facility   doing its part to support patients around the Sri Lanka   adapt to pandemic outbreak. Our App Web application mainly supporting Dental patients or other patients who need dental advises .  When they need support from Dental surgeons/Dentists and specialist Dental doctors in Sri Lanka. Our mobile app /web application connects patients to vital health care services through videoconferencing, remote monitoring, electronic consults and wireless communications. By increasing access to General Dental practitioners (Dental surgeons/dentist) and Dental specialists, telehealth helps ensure patients receive the right dental care, at the right place, at the right time. 

Connect face to face with a General Dental doctor/Dentist of any other dental specialists Like orthodontist, Maxillofacial surgeon, through video on your Android iPhone, iPad or Laptop/computer. Smart care Dental works with or without insurance and is available at any time and reduced rates through many major health plans and large employers. You’ll always see your cost upfront and won’t receive a surprise bill after your visit. 

Smart care Dental’s service providers are Registered with Sri Lankan medical council and specialists are Licensed, board-certified With an average patient rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Our doctors  have experience across many specialties. 

From simple tooth ache to cosmetic Dental problems, our providers can treat hundreds of issues online through video. Just like an in-person visit, your doctor will take your history and symptoms, perform an exam, and may recommend treatment - including prescriptions and lab work, if needed. Doctors can also access your vitals, such as temperature and blood pressure, through our integration with Apple's Health Kit. If your employer or school requires a doctor's note, one can be provided. 

We offers a private space to meet face to face through video. Choose from a diverse group of dental specialties   and work with them to address what’s important to you from the privacy of home. You can also take a free oral health assessment to find out if you will benefit from talking to us.  

Here are some examples of how we can support your full mind and oral health: 

-Prescription Refills 

-Sending teeth/Mouth pictures to your doctor  

- X ray orders 


We lets you avoid the hassle, wait and cost of a walk in clinic, urgent care or ER. You can chat virtually through video with a doctor 365 days a year–weekends and holidays included. 


Below are some frequently asked questions about our app: 

When are doctors available? 

Our physicians are available, on call, and standing by 24/7/365, weekends and holidays included. You can see a Dental doctor immediately or schedule a visit at your convenience. If you would like to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can schedule an appointment 7 days a week. 


Who are the doctors? 

Smart care Dental uses trusted, Sri Lankan based and internationally based (Sri Lankan Qualified) board board-certified Dental specialists and Dentists and licensed doctors come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of specialties. We verify the doctor’s profile and their license registration and qualification via various accepted verification process.(Conditions apply) 


How does it work? 

Connect face to face with a dental doctor right from your phone in as little as five minutes. Just like an in-person visit, the doctor will take the patient's history and symptoms, and perform an exam. Smart care Dental doctor  also offers a private space to meet  dental doctors  through a video visit from the privacy and convenience of home–or anywhere you are. 


What can you treat? 

From Simple tooth ache to complicated oral surgery, our Dental doctors can treat hundreds of issues, including cosmetic dental issues, Bad breath, Gum problems, Gum Bleeding, Child teeth issues, infections, other dental conditions with medical compromised patients (Diabetics, heart disease) conditions. They can also order labs and screenings to help with preventative care and help manage chronic oral conditions.  

When to use smart care Dental? 

Perfect for all common non-emergency Dental issues, and few emergency such as toothache or jaw pain Dental doctors /Dental surgeons/Dentists and Specialist dental doctors on smart care dental app provide immediate advice on a wide range of issues. Some examples include: 

• Tooth ache 

• Wisdom tooth 

• Bad Breadth 

• Milk teeth issues 

• Teeth Fillings, fractured teeth 

• Pregnancy Dental issues 

• Mal alignment Teeth  

• Oral cancer phobia 

• Gum Bleeding 

• Cosmetic Dental issues 

• Orthodontist advices/ Braces  

• Discoloration of the teeth  


Who are the Dental Doctors & Dental specialist I can meet at Smart Care Dental ? 

• General Dental surgeon 

• Oral & Maxiilofacial surgeon 

• Dental Implantologist/ 

• Paedodontist 

• Consultant Orthodontist 

• Restorative Dental specialist 

• Community Dental Specialist 

• Oral pathologist 

• Prosthodontist 

• Periodontist 


How does it technically work? 

Telehealth consultations are virtual appointments conducted over the smartphone /tablet or computer, and patients can communicate with their preferred doctor via video conferencing services like Face Time. 

Once the appointment has been confirmed, the link meeting ID is sent to your appointment tab/inbox. It allows a patient to dial in and speak to their doctor through a simple video link, or interact with them through a screen. 

Your home for well-being — associates you with all that you have to deal with yourself and your friends and family — discover incredible specialists and book moment arrangements, talk with them on the web, arrange drugs, book lab tests, get customized well-being tips and store all your well-being records carefully, so they are dependable with you. 

Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the administrations of this doctor app, you are required to enlist yourself by checking the approved device. This Privacy Policy applies to your data that we gather and get on, and through this doesn’t have any significant bearing to practices of organizations that we don’t possess or control or individuals we don’t utilize. 


Smart Care Dental -Digital health care  

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Contact - 0777148715-0777809452


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Teledentistry simplified : Everything you need to know about remote dentistry


There’s never been a better time than now to start healthy living! With wearables to track your fitness (your Apple Watch, Fitbit etc), telemedicine apps to check all sorts of specific conditions, and doctor’s consultations on your smartphone, there’s a move towards healthcare being delivered at home and on demand. This is well known in many aspects of medicine and it’s becoming more popular in dentistry, too.

What can be done with teledentistry?

Teledentistry can be used for dental assessments with photos and videos taken by the patient themselves, or through existing dental records taken by a dentist in person and examined remotely.

When a patient is in pain and needs antibiotics to cure an abscess, a prescription can be provided remotely instead of sending the patient to their GP, or doing nothing and having someone in terrible pain until they can have a physical appointment.

Teledentistry is a cost effective way to monitor dental treatments, particularly in the case of orthodontics. It’s a great way for a dentist to supervise and monitor the progress of teeth movement remotely, without having to call the patient in every month.

As you can see, it’s a great tool for the dentist and patient to interact without the need for expensive, inconvenient in person visits.