A General Dental Practitioner (GDP) is a Dental doctor who has a general knowledge of  Dental matters but doesn’t specialise in a particular branch of Dentistry, Therefore, if you have a Dental illness or injury that’s in any way out of the ordinary, you will need to see someone who specializes in that condition to get appropriate help.  

Getting an appointment to see a dental specialist isn’t something you can do yourself. Apart from not being aware of the correct procedure to do this and who you need to see, self-diagnosis really isn’t the best way to go.

Why a Specialist Referral is needed and how to obtain one 

A consultation with a GDP may result in a referral if the doctor believes you need: 

● specific treatment that is only available from a specialist 

● further tests or investigation, such as X-rays, blood tests, scans or pathology services 

● expertise in a field that only a specialist has. 


Specialist referrals are typically required for patients who are thought to be suffering from orthodontics problems( malalignment teeth)oral cancer, child dental care, Medically compromised Dental patients, or other conditions as well as complications in more common ailments. In these cases, the general dental doctors will supply a referral letter that provides details about you, advanced dental condition, and your medical history including medication and allergies.  

The purpose of the letter is so that an appointment with a suitable Dental or other specialists can be made. The letter will provide enough information so that the specialist knows the reason for the referral and what is required, has details of you and your condition, and will not need to ask too many questions.  

However, an appointment can be difficult to obtain, wastes time in traveling and sitting in the waiting room, and puts you at risk by being among other sick patients.

Why an Online Referral is Better  

Rather than visiting your general Dental Doctor for a consultation, an online appointment is a much better prospect since it is much easier and quicker to arrange, can be cheaper, and,  being in the comfort of your home, is much less time-consuming. It also means precious appointment time at your GDP is kept free for other patients.  

Our online consultations are conducted by qualified doctors using a video call and are very thorough. We will fully investigate your condition and provide a referral letter for the appropriate specialist in most cases. If we believe a physical examination is necessary first, we’ll refer you back to your GDP instead because we won’t take risks with your health.  

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